Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The freedom of words

Lucky me

I could write a jeremiad about sea slugs, the colour brown in polyester
I could write yawning, of freezing rain, modern jazz, cars racing
I could write only of foolish acts, blue finger ends, wounds that fester
I could write querulous words spitting and hissing and grating
I could write on posters of white ermine, dead animals and might
I could write of rasping old black boards, smudged banda ink, nylon electrics
I could write, bomb blasts unheeded, neglecting the bees and the crops

I could write about spinach and potato curry, smooth yoghurt, a single chime
I could write listening to Summertime, its thousands of versions, 
                                                                                      the best sung by my brother
I could write watching the creased eyes of Julie Walters, and I’d smile too
I could write standing in warm rain, inhaling diesel like an eastern perfume
I could write in a vision of purple and glittering earrings
I can write and mostly my words are not censored.

The NaPoWriMo prompt was to write in longer lines.  And some ideas sprang from a class back in 2012 about things that I like and dislike, a list poem. I hope you've enjoyed reading this draft.

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