Sunday, 3 April 2016

Homage to Margaret Atwood

Wow I've made it to the 3rd day of NaPoWriMo using their prompt of a letter to a celebrity, past or present.  I doubt Margaret Atwood would like to be called a celebrity, and I would call her an outstanding writer for what she writes and how she writes - non-fiction, fiction or poetry.  So, not exactly a letter but ... a poem, and which has borrowed many of her words and phrases.

Sonnet in homage to Margaret Atwood

after various poems in Eating with Fireand with reference to the title of her book, The Edible Woman

You speak, Margaret, an edible tale, the dead’s
good bones that admit the cancer cell
is beautiful, we count them like beads,
you continue still to dig with a shovel
beside the temple to the goddess – politics
and the need for passion...

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