Saturday, 30 April 2016

I will be leaving

I will be leaving a war home,
battles played out under the carpet
creating breakers for us all so
chopping off a salty sea
I will be the first to leave,

leave nothing but the boyfriend,
my young brother, discarding mother
and father, past their sell-by date
for a sixteen year old.  I don’t know
all this at the time, I just feel it all.

I will take my haircut, my pink lipstick
my fear, my tears.  It will be nothing
like home; nothing is what I know.
The future is a small pinprick, a large
sky filled with snaky rainbows, a crowd
of girls wearing transparent cloaks
waiting for other outfits to be revealed.

Using the prompt of leaving home from NaPoWriMo this is a raw effort, thrown together quickly.  It's late evening now and this is my leave-taking of the challenge to write a poem a day.  And what a challenge, and what an immersion in living with poetry.  I've had a wild time here sitting at my laptop, and I'm hoping I can glean some stalks to weave into future poems.

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