Saturday, 2 April 2016

Coral and kitten-dad

It's NaPoWriMo again this month so I'm having a go and these are the first two efforts since I didn't get round to posting yesterday:

April 1st
The suggestion was a lune, a new form to me.  Three lines of 5-3-5 syllables, or 5-3-5 words.  This is untitled and quite raw, unedited.

Cold coral is like coal
in the mind
not in the solid earth

April 2nd
Family portrait is the theme.  This too has had little in the way of revising, so I'll keep it on file, as it were, for further examination later.


Early on mashed banana in porridge
you moved on to fish fingers even though
I wanted you to eat healthy meanwhile nursery
forgot you were off dairy products for two weeks
one mistake plenty of mistakes on
my part too ...

Caveat: ill-health, forgetfulness, lack of creativity, or life - in that order - may stop me posting a new one each day!

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