Thursday, 13 April 2017

So she waits

A steaming fumarole
in the Azores
So she waits to hear what I will say

So she waits to hear what I will say
that yellow dress
that arm clutching those figs so dark
and I see it all.
See nothing, just  my questions one after the other.

Pearls grasping my neck, her black hair
held ...

A bit late tackling the prompt today, an ekphrastic poem - one that is prompted by a work from a different art genre e.g. painting, photo etc.  A poem that was published in a WEA (Workers Educational Association) collection from the Hebden Bridge (UK) class that I attend fairly regularly, and which had limited distribution. The photo (above) I took was also chosen as the cover for the collection. 
If I could properly find my way through my paper files then I'd have mentioned and/or shown the painting that prompted it!  But for the moment the poem must stand on its own merits.

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