Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Naked as an uncarved headstone

Today I'm posting a whole poem, only because I don't (yet) know what it means and cannot envisage it as a complete and polished piece.
The Poetry School prompt was to write ten words as they came into your mind, based on this list: fountain, berry, surprise, dust, temperature, America, book, tortoise, cyclone, security.
And my response words are in bold. The result is some gothic inclined images which I might purloin for future re-working ...

Naked as an uncarved headstone
as black as marble
he is a straw in the breeze
a dragon’s red character
turning to cold unreason
sinking feather-like across the deepest canyon.

The page gathers up the wedding dress tatters
as skin fragments fly up the tower
they wind round and round.
A snow blanket sits on the ground.

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