Monday, 13 April 2020

Day 13 Bot pairs

Trawling various prompts today I used a Twitter bot, having recently discovered these little AI tropes. These particular ones are all iambic pentameter which I've tried to stick to, but I don't usually find them easy to put in a poem.  Next I dipped into a book, The Craft to find a prompt from Harry Man (the same that I was paired with at a Poetry Business workshop at my first attendance there?). The idea is to find two things/sentences/adverts that would not normally be paired.

Here are the two pairs I chose:
addicted austin stole the loot and ran
One must imagine Kafka happy too.

So you can see how I altered the first one in the extract below. the second one forms the last line of the poem.

In addition I used the napowrimo prompt of something being stolen.

The baby didn't come till later.
Addicted Alan stole the loot and jumped
garden fences of us windowed neighbours.
In the pocket of his jacket the heart...

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