Monday, 8 February 2010

Something new and scenic blue

Kalithea, Rhodes, Greece - 
part of my holiday last September

As I have been described by a friend as 'into gadgets' Facebook was too tempting for me - see some photos of places I've visited and people I've seen too.

Another extract from one of my short stories, where we inhabit a young girl's yearning, and appetite:

Cold drizzle on Wednesday.  Maria has to duck away from large drops of rain from the high roof above the shop.  The neatly stacked pile of  a dozen chocolate éclairs ooze disdain for her now empty pocket. Always, on the Sunday trip to her nana’s, a chocolate éclair is served up on the stemmed glass plate brought in after the sandwiches.  However ‘manners’ dictate that you cannot just grab the cake you want and often her cousins, or her aunt, or her older brother get the éclair as the cakes are passed round the table.

A child's perception is a theme I find fascinating when writing, the idea of a child's inner life as being entirely separated, even detached, from the life of adults around them.


  1. Moira - I love your blog and also this photo. Wish I could go there.... or somewhere that is just as restful. Kathyx

  2. Glad it looks like that. Parts of this local resort are indeed restful. Parts remind me of Portmeiron in North Wales. Other parts I found quite tacky.