Saturday, 6 March 2010

Does Adeline rhyme with 'nine' or 'mean'?

Adeline is my name.  My spirit has materialized from the Victorian and Edwardian era.  I am a titled lady (two titles - one must be accurate).  Find me, in bits, in a new story by MoiraG set in Headingley, famous for its cricket ground these days but also known as a suburb of Leeds, and once considered quite 'select'.

This month sees the 3rd annual Headingley LitFest and I have been invited to read a story (as yet untitled), at the Cafe Lento on the evening of 17th March.  As well as the story of Adeline you will be able to listen to several other stories for a Short Story evening at my favourite Headingley Cafe.  It's the second time I've done this and it's a thoroughly enjoyable evening, reading, and listening to other stories too.  However it will be quite intimate as Cafe Lento is small (and exquisite of course!).

So it's been down to the grindstone to get the story completed on time - another deadline!


  1. I think it rhymes with 'mean' but that's perhaps because I once studied a Howard Hawks western at University that featured 'Abilene'.

  2. Hmmm ... you might be right Mike. But not the definitive answer I think! At the reading I decided on Adeline rhyming with 'nine' and no one objected.

  3. I hope the reading went well, sorry its a bit far for me to come along!
    I'd go for nine too,
    pam x