Saturday, 24 January 2009

Yeah! Sent a story

Wrote my story, changed and added things goodness knows how many times, consulted my neighbour who writes and in the end just left it to stew ... However I dug up another story which I changed and expanded and sent that off instead. Originally it had been a draft of about 600 words for the Liverpool mini-series on the them of Longing, but I had reduced it to about 60-70 words - yes really! - but kept the original. It was rejected anyway at Liverpool.

Creator and critic is the subject of another blog I've just come across - recommended in MsLexia - and it's certainly pertinent to what I wrote last Saturday. You'll find it at and Dr Wicked's view is my own: you need to write regularly, even set yourself so many words a day without the 'inner critic' interfering. Later you can edit and select what you want from those words. He even has a special place on the site for you to do that, which I must explore.

For now flu has intervened so rest is the order of the day ...

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