Saturday, 17 January 2009

It's hard, writing

Of course I've known that for a long time but when you haven't written every day it's easy to forget just what a struggle it can be. Other times I get really fired up with an idea that I just can't ignore and the writing flows. The last few days I've started to write for the MsLexia Short Story competition and there's no set theme to use as a framework though there are five starters on their website, one of which I have used. But as I write I have to keep digging deeper for the jewels ...

I've decided in the last month to use competitions as deadlines for writing, to keep me fastened to the kitchen table - that's where I write - putting pen to paper. I do word-process as well, it depends how the mood takes me. It would be nice to get a laptop when the money allows.

And this is the cat that always sits on the table whenever I read or write (or eat come to that).

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