Sunday, 8 February 2009

Haikus, sonnets, limericks and teaching

This photo is a structure in my local park - I like the pseudo-Japanese style.

Conventional thinking tells us that a woman who has children is faced with more obstacles to writing. In my case it made me more conscious of how little time I had for myself so I was really going to take my writing time more seriously! Since my early teens I'd enjoyed writing stories and had done bits on and off over the years. I was 40 when I had my son, and did not have a partner to share the care. I continued teaching, mainly Literacy but eventually was offered some creative writing teaching. It did what I hoped it might: got my own creative juices flowing.

The last few weeks the students - all adults - have been tackling Haikus, some rhymes, limericks and some may have a go at sonnets!

I've only got as far as producing this limerick, which uses the classic rhyming scheme of a a b b a though, with my critic's hat on, needs more humour!

There once was a girl from Yorkshire

who to singing did always aspire.

She let out a scream.

It was less than supreme

and she didn't get a place in the choir.

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