Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fairy tale

Though she is bounded by ‘brick fields’ – expanses of half-obliterated houses not cleared after the war – she enjoys their serenity away from the bustle of the shops, the ordnance factory nearby or the din of children in the school playground.  So after her daily visit to the greengrocer’s she puts away potatoes, cabbage and onions into the pantry and ventures out to walk as if she were a Bedouin searching for water in a desert.
An excerpt from my Adult Fairy Tale competition entry to Writing magazineI thought it would be fun to try a new genre and it was - but challenging to keep within the boundaries of a traditional form as well as the word count of 1500-1700 words.  
The story follows the trials of a family from the 2nd World War through into the 60s, wrapped up in a magical ending.
I'm glad I've had a go at this even if I don't get anywhere in the comp.  Ok, yes, I would like to see it win too!

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