Friday, 18 November 2011


Your skin hums, your heart fizzes, your head sings, your fingers feel like as though there is a wire-like connection to language.  Yes, the writing has arrived, the story is flowing after a period of blankness, stuckness, whatever you like to call it as a writer.

That's where I am with a story at the moment.  Which is good as I have a self-imposed deadline for an upcoming competition.  Which one?  Ah that would be telling wouldn't it!  I'm feeling very competitive about this one so no clues.  I'll let you know when I win (or not).

Colleges here in England are suffering substantial cuts so no creative writing teaching has come my way recently.  Even invigilations have partly dried up.  So I can't use that as an excuse to put off writing.  Organising house extensions to be built however have distracted me.  That and a fight over a new faulty computer (that lasted months) have distracted me from writing and from producing this blog.

Ilkley Literature Festival has come (hooray) and gone (boo).  A writing workshop that I enjoyed was run by Tessa Hadley and prompted me to read some of her short stories – which I love!  So will look for more now -  and her novels.

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